Trousso is a wedding resale platform that allows brides to purchase and sell upscale bridal fashion secondhand.






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We decided to create a posting schedule of 5 weekly posts (including reels) and 2 weekly stories for Trousso. This allowed us to create a content strategy that consisted of a mix of valuable, educational, inspiring, and promotional posts. Rather than only pushing the their service, we focused on content that was valuable for brides-to-be as they were going through the wedding planning process. At the same time, we made sure that the feed was looking visually aesthetic and resonated with Trousso's ideal customers. By making these changes in their content strategy, we quickly saw an influx of new followers and higher engagement. Additionally, we also saw an increase in profile visits which supports the client's goals of increasing brand awareness.


Trousso's Instagram account was lacking engagement and creative direction. The feed didn't represent the founders' vision for luxury and upscale bridal wear and the aesthetic of their ideal customers. Additionally, they were struggling with brand awareness since they had recently launched.

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