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$149 USD

Schedule a 60-minute strategy call with the founder of The Social Agency, Anna, where you can discuss your own social media strategy. Whether you are the founder of a brand that is not ready for social media management but still wants an expert opinion on your strategy, or you are a social media manager who wants help growing your agency, this call can be customized to best fit your needs. After making the payment, you will receive a scheduler link to book your strategy call and a questionnaire that will help Anna better understand what to focus on in your 1:1.

1:1 Strategy Call (60 min)


$19 USD

Get access to the exact 10-page Canva template that we use at The Social Agency to keep track of the monthly metrics and analyze the best and worst-performing posts for clients on Instagram and TikTok. The template will helps you analyze consistent patterns so you can improve your content month by month.

Instagram & TikTok analytics template


$59 USD

Get access to 21-pages strategy template we use for all of our clients. We developed this proven strategy template from scratch and it provides a framework that will ensure success if applied correctly. Whether you are a small business owner or a social media manager who is looking for a way to present your strategy to clients, this framework is for you!

The Ultimate Instagram Strategy

$9 USD

Get access to the exact questions we ask our clients in order to create a customized social media strategy. This onboarding questionnaire includes 35 questions in the following categories: 1) Introduction, 2) Your Business, 3) Instagram Strategy, and 4) Brand Voice. *This questionnaire is recommended for anyone purchasing The Ultimate Instagram Strategy Framework.

Onboarding Questionnaire Template