The Potion Studio is a collection of luxury haircare products designed to revolutionize and elevate natural beauty and haircare routine.


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We decided to create a posting schedule of 5 weekly posts (including reels) and 2 weekly stories for The Potion Studio. This allowed us to create a content strategy that consisted of a mix of valuable, educational, inspiring, and promotional posts. Since The Potion Studio is a haircare brand for textured hair, we ensured a diverse representation of women and men of all ethnicities were included in the content in an effort to communicate the brand's values effectively. Additionally, we included affirmations on stories to build connection with their followers and preach self love. Altogether, The Potion Studio saw an increase in reach, followers, and profile visits after we implemented our strategy which supported the overall social media goals.


The Potion Studio came to us with an existing following but with a desire to grow their audience further. They were not fully utilizing Reels in their content strategy which they wanted to change, but they needed direction and guidance as well as an agency to take on the responsibility of content creation and posting on their account daily.

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It's truly impressive to see their professional and creative approach to social media marketing. Not only are they a pleasure to work with, but the content creation and overall creative aspects of our collaboration have been amazing.

Anna and her team have an incredible knack for creating inspiring content and understanding the needs of their clients.

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