Prymora is as premium skincare brand made for sensitive skin and safe for both the user and the planet.

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Initially, it was clear that we needed to create a variety of photo content for Prymora as they needed content for eCommerce and social media at once. This made us decide on a mix between UGC-style and professional photography where the former intended for Instagram and the latter intended mostly for their website and Amazon page but also Instagram. Since Prymora is a clean skincare brand formulated for sensitive skin, our approach was to create photo and video content with a clean aesthetic to mirror the clean ingredients. This was done by shooting content in photo studios with minimalistic surroundings and using natural light in most videos and photos. Through this approach, Prymora has now built a library of high-quality photos that clearly communicate their values.


Prymora came to us when they had just launched. As a new premium skincare brand, it was important for them to clearly communicate the quality of their products to consumers through elevated content. They came to us and asked for a mix of photos and Reels as they were looking to update both their social media, website and Amazon page with high-quality content.

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