Mink Envy is a makeup company that mainly focuses on lashes for women who want a dramatic look.


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When we began auditing Mink Envy's Instagram feed and Reels, it immediately became apparent that the content didn't mirror the quality of the products. For that reason, we planned a shoot as a photo studio with an elevated and clean aesthetic which allowed us to capture better content. Since the founder, Ashlee, has a large personal following, we created a number of videos with her in them so she still appeared as the face of the brand. This allows us to take a founder centric focus but without Ashlee having to take on the responsibility of creating content herself. After having managed the account for only a few weeks, the feed was already looking better and more elevated, positively affecting the brand perception.


Mink Envy came to us with approximately 100,000 followers but no real social media strategy and a cluttered feed. The founder was currently managing the account on her own with the help of her fiancée but she wanted direction on how to elevate it and wanted a professional team to take over both management and content creation.

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They saved me the time and worry of managing my social media feed, and their creativity provided a fresh perspective on my brand – something truly invaluable. They effortlessly grasped my preferences, eliminating the need for back-and-forth discussions about my brand's requirements. Their innate understanding of my audience is remarkable, a skill not every company possesses. Moreover, their communication is top-notch. I highly recommend them!

Working with this social agency has been a game-changer for me.

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