Han Makeup is a Middle Eastern based beauty brand that specializes in makeup brushes and false eyelashes.


Han Makeup




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Our primary focus turned to content creation to overhaul Han Makeup's visual aesthetic on Instagram. To ensure that their content came across as cleaner and more elevated, we found a photo studio that embodied a minimalistic aesthetic. With an emphasis on brighter backgrounds and less clutter, we ensured that each post went well together in cohesiveness as we pieced together their feed. Moreover, to replace the founder-centric focus of the feed, we identified and collaborated with a content creator who fit into Han Makeup's demographic in an effort to resonate well with the brand's target audience. Together, these efforts have transitioned the brand's identity on Instagram, reinforcing Han Makeup's vision for their brand.


Han Makeup came to us and were frustrated with their previous agency's content creation skills and the visual aesthetic of their brand on Instagram. They desired a cleaner, more elevated look rather than the cluttered feed they currently had. Additionally, the founder wanted to transition away from showing her face too frequently on social media and wanted an agency who could solve these issues for them.

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